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Kaohsiung American School [KAS] is an international school located in the South of Taiwan. The organisation is a private not-for-profit and has been providing world class education to ex-pats in the region since its inception in 1989. The organisation consists of a hundred plus strong faculty and staff and about 600 students. KAS aims at providing the best atmosphere to educate its students and have them prepared for challenges. As is the trend amongst leading institutions across the world, KAS too has made significant investments in technology to keep the organisation at maximum productivity. During our recent conversation with the IT team at KAS, they spoke to us about the need for process automation; how their organisation has benefited from it and their plans for the future.   The Need For Process Automation: KAS has over a hundred strong staff and faculty wh... (more)

Demystifying the PaaS Landscape

Every other day there is a new cloud product / platform announcement. Not just startups, even the mega ISVs are jumping onto the cloud bandwagon. Oracle's Larry Ellison first said cloud is all crap and then announces ‘Cloud-in-a-box,' sort of an oxymoron, and in this year's OOW Oracle made a flamboyant announcement - this is just one of the more popular samples. The platform-as-a-service landscape is muddied every day as more vendors are cloud washing their offerings. With all this, I thought it would be a good attempt to demystify different platform categories in the cloud with... (more)

Clearing the Confusion Around "Private Cloud"

I was on a LinkedIn thread titled ‘How cloud computing is different from SaaS‘ where Rick Chapman who runs SoftLetter and SaaS University went on beating on this question ‘What is a private cloud’? It is definitely worth it given the tremendous amount of confusion in the term ‘Cloud’ in general and ‘Private Cloud’ in particular. The motivation for this post is Rick and supported by a tweet I read around the same time from ‘Carl Brooks‘ who is a technology writer on Cloud at TechTarget. Let me give it a shot. First, Cloud is about leveraging economies of scale whether it is public o... (more)

India Cloud and SaaS Opportunity

Cloud the way forward in India - the 4th wave of the IT Industry 1. First, this is a fantastic effort from Zinnov for bringing an India perspective for ‘Cloud'. Full Credits to Pari Natarajan, Chandramouli, Anand Tatambhotla and the team behind this effort. 2. Second, we weren't even aware that OrangeScape was part of this report. I remember talking to these folks 9 months ago or something, and I do run into them in panel discussions in cloud conferences but never knew that we are going to be featured. Looks like they have been tracking OrangeScape and thanks a ton for the refere... (more)

Why Old ERP Wine Can't Be Bottled in SaaS

There is a fundamental shift that is happening to ‘enterprise apps' in the SaaS world when compared to the On-premise ERP world. I tried to google for ERP vs SaaS and found articles like these: SaaS vs Traditional ERP : 5 Key Differentiators(http://it.toolbox.com) A Tale of Two Software Worlds: Old ERP vs. SaaS(http://www.zdnet.com) Impact of SaaS on the enterprise ERP market(http://www.infoworld.com) While, there is nothing wrong with these articles - I wasn't able to find one that addressed what I feel is a much more fundamental shift in the way the SaaS applications are / will ... (more)