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beqom, a compensation management software developer for HR and sales teams of various enterprises. Headquartered in Switzerland, beqom has it’s employees working from various locations across the world. We recently got in touch with Konstantinos Giannoukos, IT Manager at beqom, who highlighted the importance of structuring organisational workflows and why emails aren’t the right solution. Organisations world over have the need to coordinate with participants within the organisation and outside. With numerous participants and processes in play, organisations set up approval cycles to monitor the activities in each process taking place. Although most organisations manage to structure the flow of each process, all the effort goes in vain when they resort to emails for process approvals and tracking. Operation successful, but the patient died:  Emails seem to be the go... (more)

tripwolf – Automating Vacation Approvals

You just opened shop; you’ve a great product and your customer base is growing, what do you need next? Most entrepreneurs and business owners look for tools that make their lives more easier and a lot more productive. Why? For one, you don’t want banal activities in your daily operations to slow your organisation’s progress. Say, a team member decides to take a short vacation or opts to work from a different location without informing the team well in advance, the chances of your organisation’s plans getting squashed are pretty high. Although it seems trivial a matter to be worri... (more)

Clearing the Confusion Around "Private Cloud"

I was on a LinkedIn thread titled ‘How cloud computing is different from SaaS‘ where Rick Chapman who runs SoftLetter and SaaS University went on beating on this question ‘What is a private cloud’? It is definitely worth it given the tremendous amount of confusion in the term ‘Cloud’ in general and ‘Private Cloud’ in particular. The motivation for this post is Rick and supported by a tweet I read around the same time from ‘Carl Brooks‘ who is a technology writer on Cloud at TechTarget. Let me give it a shot. First, Cloud is about leveraging economies of scale whether it is public o... (more)

Shouldn't PaaS for Enterprises Be More than DevOps?

This is Part 2 in my series on the topic of PaaS (Platform as a Service) and in this post I cover why PaaS for enterprises is more than just DevOps and a larger "technology convergence" in the core "Software Engineering" area is leading this perfect storm called PaaS. The first part is: What is PaaS all about? - Part 1: It's about Abstraction Before I go deep into this topic, I want to clarify "technology convergence" from "programming environment optimization" primarily in the context of this post. The programming environment optimization is more commonly referred as "DevOps". ... (more)

Why Most Visual Development / 4GL Tools Fail? – Part 1

There are quite a few visual development tools that have failed in the past. When I say past, I meant the pre-cloud era. The commercially successful ones are Visual Basic, PowerBuilder (just googled and found out that PowerBuilder still exists (and has its own Journal) and Oracle Forms 4.5. Although, popularity and merits of the language need not co-relate.  :-) ! And, there are quite few that have come up in the current cloud paradigm. Few Examples : Coghead (already in dead pool), VisualForce of Force.com, WaveMaker, Zoho Creator. My POV is on the approach taken to  solve the ... (more)